What we're building


Our solutions help global companies reduce the cost and risk related to shipping and logistics through real-time, actionable data. 


An intelligent and easy-to-use logistics platform for industrial companies sourcing raw materials by sea

The CARGO platform allows teams to efficiently plan and manage their shipping schedule and inventory in one unified solution in real-time. The result is a single source of information from planning to production enabling companies to lower risk and reduce cost. 

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A cloud based, multi-tenant platform for secure data storage, processing and analysis.

The Klaveness Digital platform is developed to enable data driven decision making for commercial shipping.  Event driven data capture, communication through API’s and self-contained micro applications ensure stability, scalability and security.  The platform is designed to enrich and manage data quality across the large and diverse data sets in the shipping industry, using a tailored forensic tool suite, on top of Microsoft Azure.

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The quick way to monitor, benchmark and value vessel performance.

The PERFORM solution enables ship operators to monitor, improve and benchmark vessel performance using advanced satellite tracking and real-time, weather adjusted speed and consumption data. 

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